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Whether you need hazardous tree removal services or just want trees taken out to change up your landscaping, rely on Louisburg Lawn and Tree Service in Louisburg, KS.

We can handle removal for any sized tree and can take care of cleanup for any debris. We'll visit your property to give you a free estimate on your tree removal and then set a date for service that fits your schedule.

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How to determine the health of your tree

One of the most common removal services is dead tree removal. A dead tree can become a hazard and put your property at risk. Your tree may be dying if your notice:

  • Large fungal growths
  • Cracks in the tree trunk
  • An unusual amount of insects
  • Missing bark on the tree trunk
  • Leaf loss in the wrong season

A dead or dying tree is brittle and more susceptible to losing branches or falling over during a storm. Don't live with the risk of a tree causing damage to your property-schedule your hazardous tree removal service now.